We are a design company currently based in London.

At Brahman Design we strive to create products that are highly functional, have a minimal impact on the environment and are beautiful.

We aim to do this by designing solid products made to last a lifetime or more. Paying meticulus attention to materials and every aspect of our products, ranging from the ink used in our packaging right down to the smalles of components.

Our Team

Odin Emil Ardagh

Designer & Director

Born in Peckham, Odin grew up alternating between an island in Arctic Norway and the green shores of England. He is now studying product design at Central Saint Martins, alongside running the design studio BRAHMAN. Odin has always been a keen maker, perpetually on a mission to find smart solutions to problems, great and small. Early work included bathtubs, bikes and zimmer-frames powered by engines from old lawn mowers and chainsaws. His zest for making later morphed into a love for mastering woodwork, metalwork and design. Odin likes to think on his feet and is self-taught in welding, CNC machining and a range of traditional crafts and manufacturing techniques. He is passionate about good design made from quality materials and despises badly made things.

To see some of Odins work - click here!

Benjamin Louis Weininger

Designer & Director

Currently studying Product Design at Central Saint Martins. Ben grew up and worked in Santa Barbara, California and has travelled from an early age to over thirty countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia exploring different cultures and volunteering. His career began as fine artist selling paintings and drawings in galleries, but his passion for tinkering and inventing quickly drew him to creative thinking as a broader concept. He developed his skills on paper, then traditional materials such as wood, metal, and plastics, then finally on the computer mastering 3D modeling software and machinery. His love and fervent interest in the way people interact with the world and the way well made products look and feel are present in all of his work.

To see some of Bens work - click here!