What is HØVEL?

HØVEL is a pencil sharpener like no other. Drawing on inspiration from traditional hand tools used in woodworking, Høvel is designed to be practical, environmentaly friendly and last but not least, beautiful. Høvel is made to last a lifetime and every care has been taken to make sure that Høvel will not only stand the test of time but also be fully recyclable would you for some reason ever want to discard it, not that we can see any reason why you ever would.

Høvel emerged as a result of a dissatisfaction with the everyday pencil sharpener. More often than not they either breake the lead of the pencil you're sharpening or they're made to be discarded as soon as the blades go dull. Causing you to buy another, contributing to our global waste problem. With Høvel we've redesigned the pencil sharpener from the ground up and in doing so we've also made it easy to change the blades meaning you can keep on HØVELING 'til the end of your days.

As creatives, the humble pencil is our tool of choice. It affords us the freedom to get our ideas from head to paper in way that other "smart" technology has yet to replicate. At Brahman we take nothing for granted and aim to see opportunities for improvement, even with something as fundamental as a pencil sharpener. We crafted our design until it not only has a tactile finesse, but is also a pleasure to use. A blunt pencil is like any blunt tool, it doesen't do the job it is meant to do. HØVEL is the companion your pencil deserves.

"They who would perfect their work must first sharpen their tools"

"工 欲 善 其 事 , 必 先 利 其 器"


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